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Corporate Events can be extremely stressful for organisers. Managing so many people in a professional environment can be daunting. Just getting everyone to a second location at the same time is sometimes an impossible task with so many different travel times and limited parking options etc. Here are 8 reasons why booking a Thomsons Coachline bus hire in Perth will make organising your corporate event better and easier. Take the hassle out of managing your guest’s transport!

  • Cost-Effective

For most corporate events and retreats it is often an expectation of attendees that travel expenses will be covered, or at least reimbursed. Even with small groups, this can end up being quite expensive. Utilising a corporate charter will consolidate everyone’s travel expenses into one making things much cheaper for organisers in the long run. With a Thomson Coachlines bus hire, there is a one-off payment and no hidden expenses. 

  • Assitance with Pickup & Dropoff

Organising meeting and drop off points when multiple vehicles are travelling from different starting points can end up getting quite messy. A Thomson Coachlines bus hire will help organise things and make getting everyone to and from the event streamlined and easy. 

  • Stay on Schedule

Corporate events usually run on tight schedules so everyone needs to arrive on time. Letting attendees make their own way to the event usually results in staggered arrival times. This can then affect the entire schedule of the event but if organisers utilise our Coach Hire in Perth it’s easy to get everyone to the event on time. 

  • Travel Multiple Locations

Sometimes corporate events involve multiple destinations. This can be instrumental in adding value to the event but without adequate transport, it can be very hard to coordinate. With our bus charter hire, it becomes easy. Get everyone at your event to and from as many destinations as you want!

  • Comfort

Corporate events are often far away from the office which means attendees will likely have to travel for a long time. Using Thomsons Coachlines corporate charter lets your guests relax in comfort while they travel. They can even work during the trip! 

  • Team Bonding

Research has shown that businesses benefit from strong working relationships. Corporate events often function to improve morale and team bonding as well as other things. Chartering a bus for travel to and from the event can increase the amount of bonding time for attendees. Being on a bus together creates the perfect environment for people to network and socialise. Far more than they would be able to at work. 

  • Safer

Utilising coach hire in Perth is statistically safer for your event attendees. Having everyone in the same vehicle minimises the risk of individual drivers getting into accidents. Guests will often be driving to events on unfamiliar roads and driving back tired which increases the risk of accidents. Using corporate charter helps to lower that risk by having everyone travel together. Thomsons Coachlines will also provide your guests with a dedicated and experienced driver.

  • Environmental Benefits

Depending on the size of your event making all your guests sort out their own travel will usually result in an increase in the number of vehicles on the road. Because there are more vehicles on the road there will be more emissions, as well as more congestion and noise. Booking with Thomson Coachlines corporate charter is a perfect solution for organisations that are concerned with sustainability. Limiting the number of cars on the road is better for the environment.

If you’re organising a corporate event or if you’ve got one coming up and you don’t know how you’re going to get there Thomson Coachlines is the solution. Make the day run smoother by getting everyone to and from the event together. It’s safer, cheaper, better for the environment and it will be less stressful for everyone involved. Make your corporate retreat a hit and book with us today!